The Anthem Skill for Alexa

The voice-activated assistant for your health plan

Amazon Echo

Now there's a new way to find the health care information you need, when you need it, in the way you want it. Just ask a question and receive a quick answer, using any Alexa-enabled device (like an Amazon Echo) or the Alexa app. All you have to do is enable the Anthem Skill to start using it.*

Enable the Anthem Skill

If you don't have the Amazon Alexa app, download it today!

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Easy to use

Just ask a question and receive quick answers, 24/7.


Works through your smartphone with the Alexa app or on any Alexa-enabled device.

Safe and secure

Your voice, personal passcode and Anthem's security process protect your privacy.

How it works

What you can do with the Anthem Skill

Order your member ID card

Have you misplaced your member ID card? You can have a copy of your ID card sent to you securely through email.
"Alexa, ask Anthem to order my ID card."

Check your account balances

Access your health savings account (HSA) or health reimbursement account (HRA) balance, if you have one.
"Alexa, ask Anthem for my HSA balance."
"Alexa, ask Anthem for my HRA balance."

Confirm your medical plan details

Check your progress toward meeting your medical plan's deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.
"Alexa, ask Anthem for my medical deductible."
"Alexa, ask Anthem for my out-of-pocket maximum."

Schedule a call from Member Services

You don’t have to wait on hold for a Member Services representative. Just schedule a call instead.
"Alexa, ask Anthem to schedule a call."

Depending on your plan, this feature may not be available to you.

Take care of prescriptions

Refill, renew and check the order status of any home delivery prescriptions if you have pharmacy benefits with Anthem.
"Alexa, ask Anthem to refill my prescription."
"Alexa, ask Anthem to renew my prescription."
"Alexa, ask Anthem when will I get my prescription."

Confirm your dental plan details

Find out how close you are to reaching your dental plan's deductible and annual maximum if you have dental benefits with Anthem.
"Alexa, ask Anthem for my dental deductible."
"Alexa, ask Anthem for my dental annual maximum."

Check our glossary

If you don't know what a health care term means, our glossary has more than 200 definitions.
"Alexa, ask Anthem what is a formulary."

More features

Soon you'll be able to ask Alexa to find a doctor, access claims information and much more.

Get started

Start using the Anthem Skill. Here's how:

Step one


Go to "Skills & Games" in the Alexa app and search for "Anthem Skill." Then tap Enable to Use.

Step two


Enter your Anthem username and password to link the skill with your Anthem account.

Set up an Alexa voice profile and passcode if you haven't already.

Step three


Say, "Alexa, ask Anthem ..."  to start using the skill.

Frequently asked questions

More features coming soon

You'll soon be able to check your copay and percentage of costs (coinsurance) for specific services, access claims information and find a doctor.

Enable the Anthem Skill

If you don't have the Amazon Alexa app, download it today!

Download on the App Store Download from Google Play

Do you have questions about the Anthem Skill?

Call us at 1-866-755-2680 for technical support, like device setup, registration and how to use the skill.